Nethra Imaging

Imagination purchased Nethra Imaging Inc in June 2012, announced in an IMS. Since Nethra's website no longer exists (but find fragments in the Internet Archive), information about it is tricky to find, so here's some details of Nethra for future reference - basically a series of quotations from various web pages, both Nethra's and news articles. Nethra grew out of Ambric, thus some of its products had part numbers starting with NI-, some with Am-.

Nethra looks to address areas such as video processing at low power, image processing (e.g. low light photos) using massively parallel processing:
  • As a leading fabless silicon manufacturer of high performance, low power camera platform SoC solutions, Nethra has developed a broad portfolio of imaging, video, communications and connectivity IP (source).
  • NI-9065 is a high quality Image Sensor Signal Processor capable of delivering excellent low-light images. Ideal for the Security and Surveillance markets, NI-9065 delivers Nethra's 2nd generation of highly scalable image processors (source: here and here).
  • Nethra offers a range of real-time, codec software libraries that run on the Am2045 codec processor chip, for speeding your video system's time-to-market. The Am2045 is especially compelling for compact PCIe cards or embedded systems where form-factor, thermal and power consumption budgets are tight. For example, the maximum power used is only 1/25 that of a GPU with similar video-compute-capacity, or 1/10 of a similarly capable multi-core x86 CPU. (source)
  • Unlike DSP based solutions available today, the NI-5035’s unique true hardware-accelerated architecture enables a much lower power profile and far greater control over the visual pipeline with the lowest-possible latency possible... Nethra’s new SoC delivers outstanding image quality along with fast, smooth High Definition 1080p60 resolution and ultra-low-power consumption (source)
  • Nethra Imaging Introduces Ultra-Low-Power High Definition 1080p60 Visual and Computing Platform System-on-Chip (source)
  • A trade directory/website describes Nethra as: a fabless semiconductor company focused on delivering imaging, video and storage solutions for a wide range of applications in the video/broadcast, medical, storage, military and test/measurement markets. Nethra uses proprietary algorithms to build flexible, fully programmable signal processing based products. Having built its foundation on scalable image processors targeting many camera-based applications, Nethra has extended its core signal processing capabilities to address these other key multi-billion dollar markets (source).
  • In 2009, Nethra's NI206x processors were covered on ChipCrunch, which also reported that Nethra grew out of Ambric (source).
  • A good, but technical article about Nethra's predecessor Ambric's massively parallel processor (and competitors building similar products) is here.